Tesla Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Side Mirror Wide-View Reduce Blind Spot Convex Side Mirror Lens With Heater 1 pair

Model and Color
  • The same size as the original Tesla  Lens. Original factory style 1:1 design
  • Perfect compatible with Tesla Blind Spot Camera
  • No tinted windows, opt for blue glass.Blue glass high-tech surface coating, automatic anti-glare at night
  • 30% more field of view than original mirror glass
  • No perspective distortion
  • Defrost function with heater
  • Reduce blind spots.
  • Significantly improve driving safety
  • For tinted windows, choose white if the transmittance is dark
  • Easy installation
  • Provide installation instruction video (cover the screwdriver with a cloth, pry out the original car mirror, or pull it out by hand, press the center part of the new mirror glass)

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