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"A must-have for all Tesla owners. The Cyber Strip Tail Light adds a unique charm to my car."

Michael J.

"Starlink tail lights not only look fantastic, but the added safety factor is priceless. Highly recommend!!!"

Colton S.

"Incredible functionality and the switch between white and amber is seamless. Love it! Will be back soon."

Stephen M.

"Impressive design and easy installation. These tail lights add a futuristic touch to my Model 3."

Andre M.

"Top-notch quality and service. The Starlink Cyber Strip Tail Light exceeded my expectations."

Ty B.

"Smartesla nailed it with these tail lights. A perfect blend of style and functionality. Love it!"

Moe I.

"This is literally the only shop that I will allow to touch my Model 3 other than Tesla service center!"

Joanne H.

"I love all the mods that I've done through Smartesla. I get so much compliments everywhere I go!"

Arthur R.