Tesla Model 3 Model S Model X Model Y Seat Cover with High-Quality PU Leather All Season Protection

Red (Model S)
Red (Model 3)
Red ( Model Y) 5 Seats
Red (Model X 7 seats )
Black(Model 3)
White (Model 3)
Black with white side(Model 3)

The All-Season Leather Seat Covers Protect Every Seat Inside Your Tesla While Adding An Incredibly Sporty Look

Applicable to all Tesla Models in:
  • Red (Model S)
  • Red (Model 3)
  • Red (Model Y - 5 Seater)
  • Red (Model X - 7 Seater)
  • Black (Model 3)
  • White (Model 3)
  • Black with White Sides (Model 3)

  • Each order includes 11 pieces total, 4 for the front seats, 5 for the back seats, and 2 for the back seat surroundings

  • Made from high-quality PU leather

  • Wear-resistant, water-resistant, anti-static, and will not trap moisture

  • Covers WILL NOT affect seat airbag function

  • The materials used DO NOT contain any ammonia, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, or formaldehyde

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