Tesla Model S Replacement Cabin Air Filter

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High quality air filter replacement for the Tesla Model S that efficiently filters dust and other particles to preserve clean air for the whole family! 

  • Custom-Designed: Our Cabin Air Filter is custom-made specifically for the Model S.
  • Ultra High Purity: With an effective filter rating of 97%, this replacement filter will prevent outside allergens, dust, and dirt from entering your Tesla's air vents, which keeps the air that you breathe inside the cabin clean.
  • Effective Filtration System: Large particles are trapped by the outer layer while the electrostatic layer absorbs small particles. The activated carbon serves to filter harmful particles and smells.
  • Premium Material: This air filter is made with a close-meshed, dual activated carbon layer with bamboo charcoal, making it more breathable than other filters. Carbon will prevent any unwanted particles from entering the cabin space while absorbing most odors.
  • Easy Installation: You do not need to fight to put this filter in! It slides smoothly, right into place! Install this filter exactly as you would for an OEM filter. Installed in the front passenger side.
  • Essential Accessory: Breathe easy! We've got you covered with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

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