SMARTESLA Uberturbine Styled Hub Cap Replacements (Set of 4) Model 3 or Model Y

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The SMARTESLA Überturbine Styled Hub Cap Replacements offer a cost effective method to improving the style of your Tesla's wheels while protecting them from scratches and rock chips

Options Available in Sets of 4 For
  • Model 3 (18 Inch Wheels)
  • Model Y (19 Inch Wheels)



  • Made of Quality ABS Plastic which is not only durable, but heat resistant, light weight, and will not have color fade

  • Compared to the OEM hub caps offered on non-performance Tesla models, the SMARTESLA Überturbine Styled Hub Cap Replacements truly bring out a sporty, aerodynamic look the OEM hub caps fail to express

  • Provides improved aerodynamics without looking boring


  • Easy installation that takes no longer than a few minutes

  • First, remove the OEM hub caps by just pulling them off

  • Then, align the clips of the Hub Cap Replacements to the correct position on the wheel, then just make sure to apply enough force so the clips are properly secured to the wheel

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