Tesla Model Y Model X Model S Model 3 Trunk Foot Kick Sensor


The Trunk Foot Sensor allows the trunk to be opened by waving your foot under the rear bumper

(The foot sensor is sold alone and DOES NOT INCLUDE the Automatic Rear Trunk Kit which the foot sensor is used for)

  • Available on Model S, 3, X and Y

  • Overall simple installation with no destructive steps like drilling required

If you want us to have your Trunk Foot Sensor installed (we recommend getting it installed with Automatic Rear Trunk), we are available in the counties of

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange
  • San Bernardino 
  • Riverside
  • Ventura
  • Palm Springs

  • We can also do group installations for 6 or more vehicles in 
    • Northern California
    • San Diego
    • Las Vegas
    • Phoenix, Arizona


    • Installing the Trunk Foot Sensor  -DOES NOT-  void your vehicle's warranty

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