SmarTesla TESLA MODEL 3 MODEL Y Mini Dashboard 4.6 in Display

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  • New 4.6 in dash display blends seamlessly with the Model 3 and Y with the same look, shape, and position proven on the Model S and X.

  • Tesla Model 3 & Y Driver View Dash & LCD Display brings essential vehicle information right in front of you

      1.Speed (in MPH)
      2. Current speed limit 
      3. Range (in % and miles)
      4. Odometer (miles)
      5. Trip Mileage (miles)
      6. Park, Neutral, Reverse, Drive indicator
      7. Hold indicator 
      8. Parking Distance indicator
      9. Headlight / fog light indicator
     10.Turn Signal indicator
     11. Time (12hr or 24hr)
     12. Ambient Outdoor Temperature (C or F)
     13. Tire Pressure Sensor reading (PSI or BAR)

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