Professional Installation

A Modifying Vision Takes Shape

The Journey of SmarTesla

In 2019, my journey with Tesla began as I acquired my first Model 3. Like many fellow enthusiasts, I was eager to personalize and modify my Tesla, but I encountered a roadblock – finding a shop willing to install aftermarket parts. Determined to realize my vision, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I ventured into the world of aftermarket upgrades, purchasing parts and embarking on a learning journey of installation techniques. Countless trial and error rounds paved the way to discovering the right resources, companies, and products that aligned with my passion.

Un Unexpected Surprise

From Garage to Growing Demand

Words of my installations began to spread among friends who also owned Teslas. This newfound demand led me to transform my garage into an installation hub. What started as a passion project quickly evolved into a bustling operation, with Teslas lining up for upgrades as I balanced my day job. Throughout the year, I honed my skills and expertise, driven by the enthusiasm of fellow Tesla owners seeking to modify their vehicles.

Taking SmarTesla legitimate

Forming SmarTesla

By 2021, I decided to turn my passion into a legitimate business. With a deep understanding of Tesla models, an extensive network of factory connections, and an unwavering commitment to quality, SmarTesla was created and since has emerged as a prominent player in the Tesla aftermarket parts scene. Our innovative spirit led us to create groundbreaking products that set new industry standards. A pivotal aspect of our success is rooted in comprehensive testing, ensuring that every part we offer meets our rigorous quality benchmarks.

Expanding beyond LA

Empowering Tesla Owners Nationwide

The evolution of SmarTesla continued in 2023, marked by our expansion beyond Southern California. The introduction of group installs enabled us to share our expertise with Tesla owners across various cities, from Northern California to Arizona and Nevada. We've grown our import and export capabilities, allowing us to offer a diverse range of high-quality parts at competitive prices. Our commitment to exceptional service extends beyond installation, as we stand by our products and provide dedicated after-care support.