Tesla Sets to Officially Open Doors to Thailand in December

Tesla Sets to Officially Open Doors to Thailand in December

Source: Tesla/Linkedin

Tesla is finally set to open its doors to Thailand in December. The company has been researching and preparing for its launch in the country for some time, but the official date has been pushed back several times. It looks like Tesla will finally be able to enter the Thai market in December 2022.

In 2021, Model 3 ranked as the second-best-selling EV in the market (even though it was not officially available there), which means that there is a lot of interest in Musk's vehicles in Thailand.

Tesla will officially open its doors to Thailand in December, according to Twitter user @darenyoong. The Twitter user posted a screenshot of a tweet from Tesla's official account stating that the company would be launching in Thailand in December.

The news comes after Tesla's Linkedin account revealed that it had opened up its Thai site for users who were not previously able to access it. The page was only available for Thailand users until November 28th, when it became accessible to all users.

This is positive news, especially given how popular electric vehicles are in the local market. According to data from 2021, the Model 3 ranked as the second-best-selling electric vehicle in Thailand.

Tesla wants to expand its market and establish good relationships with different countries. According to reports, the electric car maker has begun setting up shop in Thailand.

Tesla has already established a presence in several countries around the world. But now it's looking to expand its reach further by entering Thailand.

The Thai government has been working on ensuring that Tesla can begin operations in the country as soon as possible.

According to sources close to the matter, officials have been preparing a conference call to discuss the matter in detail with Tesla representatives.

This is good news for customers worldwide who want a piece of the Tesla pie but need more money to afford one of their cars right now because they're only available in certain countries due to regulations put into place by governments around the world.

Tesla is set to open its doors in Thailand by December officially. This comes after a recent report showed that the company had registered to start selling cars, solar panels, and energy storage systems in Thailand.

The application was signed by Tesla’s Global Senior Director of Trade Market Access, David Jon Feinstein.

The registration indicates that Tesla is registering for sales of new passenger motor vehicles, pickup trucks, vans, and similar light motor vehicles. It also indicates that they will provide services related to installing solar panels or batteries on new buildings such as homes or businesses.

In September, Tesla Motors opened the doors for recruitment for its Thailand branch. The company conducted interviews for various positions, including general, sales, and marketing manager.

This is a clear hint that Tesla is looking to open stores, delivery and service centres in Thailand. However, there is yet to be an exact date when it will open. Hansshow will keep monitoring the situation for updates.

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