Tesla Model 3 Trunk 2017-2020 Power Lift Electric Rear Trunk

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Don't forget these...

  • 2-year warranty
  • Compatible with Model 3 (2017-2020)


  • SmarTesla Model 3 Power Lift Electric Frunk & Trunk kits have upgraded to Top version. 
  • Titanium red/gray polishing process struts, more stylish and advanced technology
  • SmarTesla power lift frunk/trunk is definitely an intelligent innovation for your Tesla
  • Effortlessly open and close the frunk and trunk
  • No need to touch the hot or cold surface to open and close the hood/tailgate in the scorching summertime and freezing winter
  • Kit works perfectly with the original Tesla frunk/trunk and the internal system but also fits OEM connectors.
  • Installed non-destructively to protect the original car parts and DOES NOT void Tesla’s warranty. 

You can easily open/close using all control methods:

  • Interior touch screen 
  • Key fob
  • Tesla App 
  • Siri 
  • Trunk button 
  • Frunk button
  • Foot sensor (optional)

Fits Model 3 (2017-2020)

Description details:

  1. Doesn’t void Tesla's original warranty
  2. Over 7 years experience professional manufacturing with high-tech enterprise certification
  3. Product with invention patents and utility model patent
  4. We provide 2 years warranty
  5. Control from Tesla's original system
  6. Non-destructive installation, drilling free, tape-free, does not break the wires, non-intrusion Tesla CANBUS
  7. Easy installation even if you are not a super handy person
  8. Adjustable speed with 6 levels, adjustable opening/closing force (from our controller), height stop memory
  9. Closing/Pushing up the hood/tailgate manually and stop hood/tailgate manually even during operation
  10. Stops working when the car is locked 
  11. Smart anti-pinch function automatically stop if you accidentally touch the switch to keep you safe, especially for children
  12. The icon on control screen accurately displays the open or closed status of power lift frunk/trunk, an alert appears when the hood/tailgate is not closed properly
  13. Waterproof and extremely silent 
  14. Stable operating system, made with solid material 
  15. Motor strong electric soft suction locking
  16. Provide a variety of installation combination options, trunk+frunk, trunk+foot sensor, trunk/frunk only. Strongly recommended to not install frunk foot sensor due to the safety concern 


Installations available in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, and Palm Springs.  Group installations available for 6 or more vehicles in San Diego, Las Vegas, Northern California, and Phoenix, AZ.


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